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So you’re considering whether or not you should jump on the bandwagon… It seems like everywhere you go, everything is advertised as healthy.. Even Coca Cola have recently released a new “Coca Cola Life” (don’t get me started on that…). But why should you give up your comfortable life and, well, actually have to make an effort to be truly healthy? 

Here are the amazing benefits of a healthy lifestyle that you can experience by switching to good nutrition and health.. (the healthier the lifestyle you adopt the more likely it is you will experience more of these!). These are all my own experiences and at the end of this post I have added quotes from other health bloggers – see for yourself how many people experience the same kind of effects! We all got into health blogging because we want to share these incredible experiences with the world!


1. Getting rid of long-term health problems 
Without a doubt this is one of my favourites – and yes, you read that right. By living a clean and healthy lifestyle, you can help your body in healing long term issues. I have personally suffered from a numerous amount of health issues throughout my life, most of which were deemed “untreatable”… And only 7 months after adopting this lifestyle I’ve managed to cut these down by about 50%! Now for this incredible benefit you will need to do more than just have your 5 a day but if you are serious about this why not get in touch and we can offer you loads of tips and advice for free about what you can do for your particular conditions (and even offer a health coaching service if you wish to continue with a mentor).

2. Increased energy levels 
Who doesn’t want more energy? I kid you not, since I’ve been eating healthily I have 10 times more energy! My caffeine intake requirement has decreased dramatically, I happily wake up at 8am on weekends (when I used to sleep in till 10-11am!) and usually start my weekend mornings with a workout!


3. Increased concentration 
This was something I definitely didn’t see coming – but since switching up my lifestyle I’ve genuinely been a lot more focused. I find that my mind doesn’t drift off to a million places whilst trying to concentrate on something, and I’m way more productive at work!

4. Nicer skin
Breakouts and skin problems are a massive sign that something isn’t working internally. And medications from doctors only treat the symptoms and not the causes of the breakouts! So you can use all the antibiotics you want, and all the creams you want, but if there is an issue with your gut – well, it’ll just keep coming back! By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you help your body fight these problems and you’ll notice a change in your skin in no time!! Trust me – I’ve suffered with really bad skin problems since I was 14 years old, and only now they have started to clear up! It’s not all about spots and redness though – even things like dry skin will clear up!

5. Greater immunity to colds 
I used to always have some kind of cold or flu. All. The. Time. Like, I wouldn’t even bother calling in sick to work 90% of the time because if I did it each time I was ill I’d never be in the office! It was exhausting. Now, I rarely ever catch any colds and if I do they never last longer than a couple of days! Wooo hoo!

6. Better sleep 
Good news for all the insomniacs out there – changing to a healthy lifestyle makes your sleep great! You will notice that your body finds it a lot easier to get into a natural sleeping pattern, falling asleep as soon as you get into bed and waking up feeling loads more refreshed. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I am stressed about something and can’t fall asleep or due to extra work stress my body needs extra hours of sleep and I can’t spend more time in bed so I feel exhausted – but in general my sleep has improved significantly.

sleep happy

7. Better food sensations 
Once you stop numbing your taste buds with chemicals, toxins, colourings, and all those yummy E numbers – your tongue will actually start to taste things in a different way. This means you can appreciate good food even more!

8. Increased happiness (and decreased stress)
Hands up if you want more happiness in your life! Or, how about decreasing stress levels? Yep, thought so! Leading a healthy lifestyle will make you so much happier, and help your body manage stress in a much more effective way. Because you will have more energy, more motivation, your organs will be under less stress from toxins and you will be providing your body with tons of amazing nutrients, you will feel the benefits very quickly. This one’s hard to explain as it’s just a feeling all of us get but hey – trust the experts ;)

What other bloggers say!

“My sleep has become so much better! I fall asleep right when I get into bed and when I wake up I feel refreshed & ready for the day instead of tired and cranky!” – Desiree from

Clear skin from acne, rosacea, less sensitive. Healed digestive issues like candida, leaky gut. Healed depression and anxiety. Stable energy. Happier mood. Much more positive. I love working out and moving my body. A more balanced life in all ways. Healthy balanced hormones and regular cycle. Appreciate nature more, and the beauty of everything. Much more gratitude for life. More passion, joy and enthusiasm in general. Feel more connected to others by being more connected to myself. More in tune with my bodies messages and what it needs. Meet lovely like minded people:)”  - Sarah from 

Less ill, leaner, more fit, better skinbetter in the inside too and I actually enjoy even more the taste of food now !” – Nina from 

” I have more energy and I can think a lot more clearly! Happy body and happy mind!” – Lorna from

“Awakened passion for cooking, baking and preparing delicious, nourishing food! - better skin, more energy, better quality sleep, helped with eczema / dermatitis, more motivation to exercise and get out in nature  but mostly the feeling that I can do and achieve anything! “ Ruth from

Glowing skin, great energy and a happy mind!” Rebecca from

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  1. I completely agree with the getting more sleep part! I’ve been trying to get more shut eye recently and it does make a difference.

    • Anna Rozanska on

      It’s brilliant isn’t it! :) if you stick with it longer you’ll start noticing more and more benefits! x