Bohemian Beauty


Dreaming of summer already? Want that effortless ‘just came off the beach’ look but can’t quite seem to get it right? 

Here are the tips for your natural goddess glow!

Bohemian Beauty – Article written by Jade Hunter 

bohemian beautyMoisturise: For a radiant complexion it is important to keep hydrated. During summer months the sun and environmental factors at the beach can dry your skin so it’s essential to drink lots of water. Also keep a little tube of moisturiser on hand to give your skin an extra drink when it needs. 

Tinted moisturiser: The best product for creating a flawless look without wearing heavy makeup. Say hello to glowing, even toned natural looking skin! In the summer months be sure to find a brand with an SPF for added protection. 

Bronzer: The key to natural sun kissed beauty! A matt product without any shimmer will create a nude ‘no makeup’ effect with a long lasting finish. For added glow use a brand that has a slight shimmer. Remember to use it sparingly, and not darken your whole face. Use it on the outside of your cheekbones to create a defined line. You can also wear it as an eyeshadow to create subtle extra depth to your look.

Eyelash Tint: It’s a general rule not to wear mascara during the day in summer. Even the waterproof ones for the beach go clumpy. If you absolutely can’t go without darkened lashes then an eyelash tint from a beauty salon (about $35) is the way to go, it will last several weeks and keep you looking sultry and sexy at the beach,  even first thing in the morning!

Tanning: A spray tan is great for an event or function but it can be difficult to maintain all summer. Getting spray tans too frequently can cause an uneven buildup and give your skin a dry appearance. For everyday sun kissed skin use a gradual tanning moisturiser to keep hydrated and fresh with that long-lasting kiss of colour so you are ready for any spontaneous adventure! 

Coconut oil: For sexy glossy limbs and the scent of summer on your skin try adding some coconut oil. Apply well in advance so it absorbs properly to prevent sand sticking and your skin feeling clammy in the heat. Remember to use only a small amount; you want your skin to look nourished and supple, not greasy and sweaty! 

Salt spray: A well known trick for beachy locks, a little bit of salt spray will give you a tousled and sexy mane. It can also dry out your hair so be sure to use a treatment on the ends occasionally or combine the spray with a leave in treatment as well. Wavy and wild is good, dry and brittle is not!



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