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I’m Britain’s Manliest Man contender, Jon Sutton. Welcome to my beauty blog.

jonathansuttonLet’s start by talking about me. That’s what I’m best at, being a man. A manly man.

So… Why was I chosen for such an accolade? Because of the unique melding of the following hobbies… kickboxing, writing, cooking, travelling, sawing things and most importantly, the ability to exaggerate my prowess in each of these areas whilst applying.

Now, perhaps more relevantly… why was I asked to contribute to a beauty page?

Because it’s time for a fresh perspective. Because it’s time for the modern man to step up and get involved in the great beauty debate. And… because I begged.

You see, a real man sees a real woman as a thing of genuine beauty. And after twenty years of relationships in which I’ve struggled to impress this notion upon my partners when they’re waking up with a face like a badly-flipped pancake, I decided I would be the man to lead the charge.

Before I’m thoroughly berated, I was informed many years ago that women don’t follow beauty regimes for the benefit of men, but still, a bloke’s point of view will interest some. So if that’s you, please read my attempts to get these views across.

If in the process of doing so I come to be known as this century’s Reubens for services to curvaceous ladies everywhere, then who am I to refuse the cry of destiny?

That brings me neatly into Topic #1…

Curves: A man’s view.

Not one to shy away from the controversial, I find myself instinctively drawn to the hottest beauty topic of the past quarter century, perhaps ever. And though my aim is to celebrate the “real” woman, let’s first explore what that means.

So far, every woman I’ve met has been real. I think. Thailand threw out some questions and a few online encounters seemed a little too good to be true, but those aside, in my daily forays to work, the gym, shops and bars, all of the women I meet seem to be real.

What’s different is that some wear what I’d consider a lot of make up (I’m often informed that they’re hiding bad skin) and others barely any (in which case I’m informed it’s just expertly applied).

Likewise, some women reveal a bit from upstairs AND downstairs, while others stick to the legs-or-cleavage-not-both rule.

And more significantly, some ladies are curvy while others aren’t.

And therein lies the rub. Some aren’t.

As disturbing as the age of anorexia became, surely the point at which it began was where the trouble started.

If the illness had never surfaced, would that have made it ok for cat-walking models and their playground-walking wannabes to sell pounds of flesh for ounces of pseudo-success at an astonishingly bad interest rate?

If not, then why are we here again? Admittedly a woman is far less likely to die from obesity than bulimia in the fashion world but does that make it ok to tell women how they should look at all?

Unfortunately, curves are not immediately available to every woman who wishes to grow a set. And many women with a naturally skinny frame will find that when they put on weight, it doesn’t sit in the same places as Nigella, but more so Nigel, her pot-bellied politician dad.

Put simply… Real women may have curves…. But they also may not.

So instead of attempting to create a generation of Christina Hendricks’, let’s admit that her figure is every bit as unachievable to some women as Kate Moss’s is to others.

Both can be beautiful. Neither one is wrong. Real men love both.


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