Feel Sexy During Pregnancy


Not all of us feel sexy during pregnancy – some of us glow and others get nausea or vomiting and so on. First of all we have to accept the body changes that come with pregnancy.

This article was written by Sylvia Narvaez 

Despite the breasts hurting, your belly growing, and all these changes, you can feel sexy as long as you give yourself a little gift from time to time.

If there was anytime you wanted to let your hair grow and make your natural hair color return now is the time! Skip dying your hair as you would not want to let chemicals from the hair colour enter your body, just let your hair go its way, you will notice how it grows and becomes thicker during pregnancy.

Your nails will get stronger and grow. Enjoy it and give yourself a manicure at home or at your spa.

Get maternity lingerie. Make sure its comfortable. I suggest 100% cotton but keep it colorful and sexy.

If you ever wanted bigger breasts, then enjoy! They will get bigger. Take advantage of the divine increase and purchase some sexy bras from your favourite lingerie store.

Exercise. If you are already working out or doing any sports keep it going. There is no reason to stop exercising when you are pregnant. It is not the time for performance improvement but at least give yourself half an hour everyday or one hour every other day.

Sex. Yes have sex. The worst thing you can do in your relationship during pregnancy is to shut down your sex life.

Most importantly - eat healthy. Do not think you have an excuse to eat for two or to satisfy your sweet tooth anytime you want. Now is the time to eat healthy and take your vitamins. Try to keep your diet as varied as possible. Eat smaller meals more often during the day.

Finally be happy and excited to meet your little one. When we are happy we are more confident and beautiful. 



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