Hello Kale!


This delicious leafy green has become a bit of a fad lately but some people still have no idea what to do with it. 

Article written by Jade Hunter 

It’s one of my favourite veggies, it’s high in iron, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins K, C and A. There are so many benefits of including this superfood in your diet, it has great detoxing properties as well as helping boost the immune system. It can be used in so many delicious and nutritious ways. Here are some of my favourite ideas for kale. 

A kale omelette is my favourite way to get a protein boost! And it can be healthier than you think! I keep it simple, without added cheese or milk. Just whisk your eggs and pick your veggies. Some things that go really well with Kale are mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and flax seeds. Mix together, season with pepper, add some coconut oil to the pan and fry it like a pancake! The easiest omelette variation ever and a quick, healthy meal. 

Kale is yummy in all kinds of salads, think of it like baby spinach but keep in mind that it can taste a little bitter when it’s raw so chop it quite finely and balance it out with a delicious dressing. I love putting it with some cooked quinoa, roasted pistachios, asparagus, a squeeze of lemon juice and drizzle of olive oil. So simple and easy. Have a play with the amounts, experiment with your favourite combinations… I don’t like to make rules with salad.

Everybody with healthy aspirations should be well aware of the joys of kale chips! The latest craze and a way to trick your brain into thinking it’s being naughty. Simply tear your kale (the curly baby kale works best) into chip size bits, lay evenly on a baking tray, spray with a tiny bit of oil and sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt. After about 10- 15 minutes in a 180C oven they’ll have a nice crunch. A great alternative to chips or instead of popcorn for movie nights! 

This is pretty much a free for all. Kale is great to add some greens to any stir fry or curry, it only takes minutes to cook in a pan and goes with everything! Remember that it softens very quickly so it doesn’t need to go in until the other ingredients are mostly cooked. 

Green Juice
Juices are a fantastic way to add nutrients to your diet and great for enjoying on the run. I prefer green or vegetable juices as they contain less sugar and more goodness for your body! My favourite combination is kale, celery, green apple, cucumber and coconut water with a hint of ginger as well!  But have a bit of a play with your favourite flavours at home. You can even spice it up during the evenings with a dash of vodka- a much better alternative than creamy or sugary cocktails!


Photo source: projectfreshcraftjuice.com


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