Anna Rozanska, Journalist and Director 

AnnaRozanska Anna works in finance and has recently changed her life around by starting a healthy lifestyle. She has a passion for helping others, sharing good experiences and being healthy. She has a strong background in blogging and communications. Whilst she has an extremely busy schedule including working full time, studying, babysitting, modelling/acting and managing Fresher Beauty, she still finds time and energy to stay healthy, happy and go to the gym!

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Jeannie McGinnis, Journalist 


Jeannie is an American who has lived in South Yorkshire with her two children and husband for almost 10 years.  She is a commercial model, TV presenter, voice artist and actress. As a woman in her 40s, she believes in maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and good skin care.  With a BA in Journalism/Communications and a background in PR/Marketing, Jeannie is also a writer. She has written numerous short stories, short screen plays, radio plays as well as journalistic pieces.   Her blog Confessions of an American is based on culture, humour, writing, modelling, health and transformation. She is also passionate about being a  caseworker with The Snowdrop Project, a charity that empowers rescued survivors of human trafficking.

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Jade Hunter, Journalist

jadehunter Jade Hunter is a writer, model and fitness ambassador from Melbourne. She studied journalism while working as a beauty

 therapist. Her first assignments were writing beauty articles and reviews for fashion magazines. Through her work as a model her writing expanded into fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. She is passionate about living a balanced, active life. Her recipe for happiness is yoga, dorky jokes, cups of tea and her pet dog. Her blog,Jades Life is a mixture of fitness and health tips, beauty, lifestyle and events..

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Jonathan Sutton, Blogger

Jon Sutton is a real man with an opinion on real women and beauty.

Technically, Jon has no qualifications in the world of beauty, nor fashion, fitness, psychology or health – and he appreciates that women’s beauty regimes are not carried out simply for the attention of gentleman suitors – but he also believes that it can often take a real man to see a real woman’s worth.

Having just been shortlisted for Britain’s Manliest Man thanks to a unique blend of skills from kickboxing to cooking, sawing to sewing and globe-trotting to Guinness-swilling… Jon has decided that it’s his duty to step up to the plate.

Jon readily admits he will often get things wrong. But controversial or not, he guarantees to provide insight into the world of Man…

…for all that it’s worth..

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Sylvia Narvaez, Journalist 

Sylvia is an International Bikini Fitness Competitor, Certified Personal Trainer, Zumba Fitness & Group Fitness Instructor, Successful Online Coach and most importantly a mother to her adorable little girl.
Sylvia helps people make the transition from poor health to robust health by providing them with tips, recommendations, support and resources on nutrition and exercise routines. She is not just an expert with theoretical knowledge or third-party experiences…She has been there, done that and conquered. Sylvia´s Interests are family, music, fitness, dancing and travelling.

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 Rand Faris, Blogger

 Rand is 21 years old, and was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but grew up in Jordan. She has had the privilege to travel around the world so has a good perspective of diversity and culture differences. After graduating high school, she moved to London to attend university. She loves helping others, and it gives her great satisfaction to know that she’s affected someone positively. She will  write about a range of topics in a different way – by writing short fictional stories with a moral! She will hope to address these in a way that many others can relate to.

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Becca Mack, Journalist

Becca is a Sydney based writer, beauty lover and good food fan. She trained and worked as a makeup artist in Australia. Loving all things beauty, and alternate Becca is always searching for unique products to try. She is particularly interested in organic and natural ingredients that offer solutions to different skin conditions. We are all different, but we all deserve to feel good and be pampered a little bit every day. Becca is passionate about wellbeing, nutrition and health issues. A fan of quinoa, berries, chia and green tea, she also understands the importance of good mascara and lip gloss. She believes we should take time to be kinder to ourselves and nurture who we are today, so we can live better tomorrow. Becca is always looking for good pathways to better health so that we can truly shine from within. 


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