Natural Sources of Zinc in Vegetarian Food


Since doing my best to be vegan and eat as much raw food as possible, I’ve been tracking what vitamins and minerals I’m consuming lots of and which I’m lacking in. One of the things that I seem to lack in often is zinc, so I thought a post on best natural sources was in order! 

This post was written by Anna Rozanska

The average recommended daily allowance (RDA) of zinc is 7mg.

Do look out for a post on why zinc is important, but for the time being here are my top 3 natural sources of zinc in vegetarian food that are easy to eat:


1. Spinach 

0.53mg per 100g 

Spinach is so easy to get from the shops, and has a really high value zinc content. You can incorporate this SO easily into your diet – think salads, smoothies, even in sandwiches! ( Personally I like adding it into my avocado and egg sandwiches).

2. Green peas

1.19mg per 100g

So this is higher in zinc content than spinach, but because it’s not as easy to eat I’ve ranked it lower.


3. Sun-dried tomatoes

1.99mg per 100g 

Again this is actually higher than both of the above, but I personally find this harder to incorporate into food, due to the specific taste!


Note: Almonds and cashew nuts are also good sources of zinc!


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  1. Zinc is super important so I’m glad I love spinach! I eat loads of it, tend to use it for salads instead of lettuce leaves. I agree that sun-dried tomatoes are harder to incorporate into diet. Thanks for tips :-)

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