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You may not realise it, but in the streets of Shoreditch there’s a cute little pop-up store called PopEye! 

This article was written by Anna Rozanska 

I had the chance to go and check out the launch event. I was pleasantly surprised by how great everything was… When I heard “home-made treats and gifts” I guess I was imagining more, well for lack of a better word – amateur, stock.

Both the treats and the gifts, however, blew me away! The standard was so high!

You can get a range of different home made healthy treats, and some of them are gorgeously packed (like the pack of truffles!), as well as some amazingly beautiful gifts. I got myself the most amazing candle – “Festive Spice” and it smelt sooo great! I couldn’t believe it was home made too!

My only criticisms would have to be the fact that the artwork was so expensive – but of course that’s because of the origins of it and what it actually was, so technically it’s justified!! Everything else was very decently priced! And my own PERSONAL view of the fact the chocolate truffles were too rich, as I’m not the biggest fan of pure dark chocolate. Pretty sure my mum loved them though :) The brownie was absolutely and incredibly delicious!! 

If you’d like to go check it out, it’s currently based at Butchers Salon, 63 Hackney road, E2 7NX, London until the 21st December 2014.

I also had a quick chat with the beautiful owner, check it out below!

pop eye pop up

What inspired you to create this?
I was made redundant and wanted to start something for myself. I have always been interested in healthy living and eating, and love all things nautical – hence popeye!

What kind of things can people expect to find when they visit you?
They can find lots of delicious raw homemade by myself treats from brownies, to truffles and crackers made in a dehydrator machine. Also christmas gifts – candles, vintage print, and designer bags and wrapping paper!

What is the plan once you leave your current location?
Hopefully I can carry on the brand in another location and popup somewhere else. I would love to be able to carry on the dream and hopefully have my own space permanently in the future.

If you would like to support PopEye PopUp check out their Facebook page :)

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