My New Food Challenge Intro and Plan


Hey everyone. After the last 6 months of doing my best to improve my lifestyle by being healthy, and seeing what amazing improvements I have seen in my body / life / health I have made the decision to actually be a full time vegetarian, try eat more raw food AND avoid dairy products. Basically I’m aiming for the 80/10/10 lifestyle. 

So I will, of course, document my journey for you! I’m going to aim to show you that it is possible to live this lifestyle even with loads of challenges.

 Here’s my plan for how I am going to achieve this realistically (and not break!):

- I will have one cheat day a week. (look out for an article coming soon on the importance of having cheat days!). I will still not eat meat on this day, but will be more relaxed with everything else.

- I’m going to keep a chart which will help me determine how many calories / protein I’m consuming in a day. This is especially important as many people fail doing this kind of diet because they don’t get enough calories in a day!! You need to eat minimum 2,500 calories a day, and make sure you eat protein rich foods like avocados and quinoa!

- Although I have decided to try be vegan as well as vegetarian, I am not including eggs or butter in this for the time being. I will be sourcing my eggs organically, and will be limiting my intake of both eggs and butter, however as I’m still going to be transitioning these are the items I have chosen as my “transition” items.

- I’m eventually going to transition on to mostly raw food, however in the transition and beginning phase of this I’m going to focus on just eating vegetarian / vegan products and completely cutting out all toxins first! That means I’ll still eat cooked and processed foods for the time being, providing they are healthy.

- I’m not going to eat anything with more than 10 ingredients on the list. (And aim for less than 5 if possible!).


So what is my new diet going to look like? 

Well, basically it’s going to be mostly fruit and veg! I’ll be eating tons of bananas – basically 80% fruit! (At least that’s the final aim…).

Won’t fruit and carbs make me fat?

Because it’s natural and not processed, no! There is a possibility of some initial weight gain but it shouldn’t. Our bodies run on glucose – everything we eat gets turned into glucose. The sugar in the fruit is natural so very easily absorbed by our body – it doesn’t need to process it to turn it into energy!


So there you go – step by step, hopefully this will not be as hard as it seems! I’ve already managed to stay meat – free since Christmas so I’m pretty optimistic :)

Are any of you on the 80/10/10 lifestyle? Any views on raw food diets? 


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