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I started suffering with rosacea when I was about 14 years old. For about 8 years there was just absolutely no improvement. I mean, aside from the thousands of pounds spent on expensive lasers from The Harley Medical Group, which had a very small effect on the skin – they significantly improved and almost eliminated acne, however the skin was still red and inflamed and once I stopped the lasers, just went back to how it was before.

For some strange reason, people telling me about diet just never quite registered. But after my huge lifestyle change last year, I started seeing improvements to my skin and it just clicked in my head. So I decided to investigate….

I’m going to tell you how and what has helped my skin, in the hope that you will listen and see that just changing your diet habits can have an incredible effect on how you look. This is just going to be a general guidance, rather than a specific diet plan!

Please do note that everyone’s skin is different, so you do need to figure out what works best for your skin. I remember reading phrases like this in the past and rolling my eyes because I was just too lazy to keep a food diary etc… but believe me when I say, it’s worth it!

My skin without make up now looks nowhere near how it looked 12 months ago… I sent someone a picture and they actually thought I was wearing foundation!  Oh yeah!! :) (If you have ever suffered from rosacea, you’ll know what an amazing feeling that must be!). I have no spots, only the occasional hormonal ones that everyone tends to get around the time of their period. My skin, when it’s not flushing because of a trigger, is barely red at all (and I mean barely!!)

I noticed an improvement as soon as I started eating healthy but the biggest change has been when I decided to turn to an alkaline based diet. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat any acid-forming foods but I do tend to avoid them as much as possible. (You can read the alkaline foods article here, or the acid vs alkaline one here if you haven’t been following us!).  I also have introduced gut-healthy things more into my diet – things like kefir, and sauerkraut. I did a lot of research about how gut health might be related to rosacea, so I decided to take every precaution!

I guess my advice is to generally following an alkaline based diet, and eating pro-biotic, pre-biotic and generally gut healthy things, but here are the specifics of what I do:

Eat lots! 

- Green vegetables – my favourite things are broccoli, spinach and asparagus! These are super alkalising.

- Any vegetables -

- Lemon water – I start the day with freshly squeezed lemon water, and throughout the day try to have more of it if I can. Lemon is one of the most alkalising foods…

- Fruits – again there are a lot of alkalising fruits, especially very ripe bananas!

- Kefir, Sauerkraut – these will help repair your gut bacteria. However, you’ll need to have them daily for a longer period of time! (adding kefir to a smoothie is a great way of doing this!!)

Avoid as much as possible!

Dairy – I don’t drink milk or eat dairy products unless necessary (e.g. when I buy a coffee, I’ll get soy milk unless they haven’t got any left and my need for caffeine is way greater…).

Meat – I have personally stopped eating meat, but if you don’t want to turn veggie, it would be good to cut out meat to a bearable extent (I started off by cutting down to once / twice a week).

Sugar – I stopped adding sugar to my tea, eating sweets or foods high in sugar, glucose or fructose. (you’d be surprised how many things have one of these in the ingredients).

Wheat / gluten – I also try to avoid these as much as possible, although this is the hardest thing to avoid.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean don’t have chocolate or ice cream or other things you like. I would not be able to stick to this diet if I had to give up my favourite things in the world! (In case you didn’t notice the featured image here..) – as long as you have them once in a while and still have more alkalising foods, you’ll be fine! 

I’m always really interested in hearing your stories so get in touch if you’d like to chat rosacea – I get a lot of emails about it and I’m always super happy to help!


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