Team’s New Years Resolutions


A few of us over here at Fresher Beauty wanted to share our New Years Resolutions with you – hopefully they will inspire you to write your own! 

Let’s not forget – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 



- To not forget the things I have learnt in 2014.

- To stick with my new health and wellbeing lifestyle, and get even better at it!

- Increase my emotional strength.

- Drink green tea more often

- Be a vegetarian and try my best to limit any dairy intake (especially milk).


- Have an overall detox for the month of January – take out sugar, dairy and gluten. Stick to veg and legumes, complex carbs, lean meats

- Increase water intake – to 8-10 glasses throughout the day

- Work with publishers on my novel rewrite/edits to be ready for publishing in the summer 2015.

- Work with audio company with a new creative writing podcast starting mid January – at least 6 episodes throughout the year.

- Have better boundaries at least 1 day a week of NO WORK whatsoever so I get more rest and quality family time.

- Work with a nutritionist for a personalised new regime of vitamins, necessary foods and supplements fit for a woman in her 40s.


- Make time for happiness and laughter every day

- To keep moving forward with strength 

- Meditate more.. I used to meditate everyday, must make time for it. 

- Get to the beach and see more of the ocean. I live in Australia it’s beautiful and I don’t do this enough.

- Be seriously ready for Chinese New Year this year.. so  I’m starting now.

- Drink more tea.

- Keep living in gratitude.

- While, it’s a nice idea to say with full intention, finish that novel, I’ll be realistic and say finish four chapters. 

- Oh and of course win the lottery and become a millionaire property magnate. 

Looking forward to discovering new products and new information to share with all of you for a joyous and healthful 2015. Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading. 


- Smile more

- Spend more time with family

- Cook healthy food

- Believe in myself

- Learn new languages

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