Ten essentials in a model’s make up bag – Part 2


In part 1 mentioned that until a few years ago I wore very little make-up until two years ago when I was scouted by a local model agency – a woman in her 40s.  With a new career in front of the camera, I realised that make-up was essential to a professional that was often on camera.  And although in the past I just bought what was on sale, quality make-up was essential to achieving a natural, fresh look.  This was true not only for modelling, but also for acting and TV presenting.

I researched, asked a bazillion questions when I worked with MUAs and experimented with different products.  I found that there are items you should spend the money on, and a few items came down to personal preference.

Here is part two in 10 essentials in a model’s make-up bag:

6) Highlighter/ Contour- – I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian overloads on highlighting and contouring because, as a commercial model, I need to look as natural as possible in photos.  It depends on the area that you want to contour, but you can use a liquid or a powder.  If you want a natural contour on your cheeks or the sides of the nose, try to go for something that compliments your skin tone.  I use a cool tone taupe coloured blusher for contouring.  I use a liquid that doesn’t go into my creases for my highlighter on the bridge of my nose, under my eyes and around my brows.

I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait or Mac Prep and Prime for liquid highlighter.

7) Long lasting quality concealer – As I mentioned with the foundation in part one, you should use a foundation to create an overall blended look on your face but the concealer should do what it says . . .conceals.  Not all concealers are created equal as many don’t last and go into creases. You also need various colours for the different things you may want to hide such as dark circles, pigmentation, broken veins and/or redness.  It’s worth it to go for a high-quality brand, and I find this is one I use over and over.

I use  . .. Laura Mercier secret camouflage (it has two colours that you can use separately or blend).

8) Eye-liner – It depends on what you want with eye-liner.  I haven’t found a lot of difference in pencils though I have a few higher quality brands for natural colours.  With liquids, just find one that has staying power and goes well with your skin tone and eye colour.  I found using an eye primer helps the liner to stay all day.

I use . . .all kinds of different ones though I prefer liquid liners for everyday wear.

9) Quality make-up brushes – Except for powder and blush brushes, make-up brushes in general used to scare me.  But blending is key, especially on the eyes or when you are contouring.  There are multiple great MUAs on youtube that give tutorials on application and blending.  I now can’t my make-up any other way as there is such a difference in how it looks and stays on my eyes.  I also found that the ‘stipple’ brush made for foundation application You can spend a lot on brushes, but I’ve had several MUA’s tell me to look for ‘bamboo’ brushes on eBay.  I have brushes for each aspect of the make-up process for application and blending.

I use . . .various types in the drugstore or online.

10) Transparent powder –   I don’t use powder in my everyday make-up as I have combination skin, but for filming or photographs this is essential.  Even if your makeup is applied perfectly, if you look shiny in your pictures it can ruin your whole look.  You can also ruin your look with a powder that doesn’t match your make-up, so have had many MUAs suggest getting a transparent powder.   I don’t use much, but I apply lightly with a powder blush to only the areas that have a bit of a shine which often is the T-zone.

I use  . . .Mac transparent powder.

To end, I want to add one extra essential in a make-up bag . . .the all-purpose cotton bud.  This is an amazing product that removes mistakes, smooths out harsh lines, freshens up tired places during the day and can be used as an emergency applicator.  My most common use is when I accidently get a bit of mascara around my eye (usually if I have sneezed right after I applied it!!).  All I have to do is dab it, and it removes it right away.

So let us know – what quality make-up product could you not live without and why??


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  1. Thanks for the tips. I going to look into a couple of the brands you’ve mentioned and I could definitely do with some transparent powder :-)

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