Why is Argan Oil known as Liquid Gold?


I’m always on the lookout for ways to simplify my life.  Now, because of my age and my job which relies on being either in film/TV or stills, I’m very diligent to take care of my skin.  But skincare and simple don’t always go together until I found 100% organic natural argan oil. 

The Argan tree has been nicknamed the ‘Tree of Life’ and only found in the semi-deserts of Morocco.  The tree stays lush in harsh, drought and chalk like conditions and is considered one of Morocco’s miraculous resources as its oil is harvested from a kernel three months out of the year.  The oil is used for cooking and medicinal purposes, but its best known all over the world in the beauty industry for the hair, skin and body.

Don’t confuse argan oil with ‘Moroccan oil’, a huge trend in hair care products  as it is argan oil plus several other ingredients (usually a lot of other synthetic ingredients).   What is incredibly versatile is only pure argan oil which is not easy to find on the high street, but the original, natural oil has incredible benefits.

It’s an oil that is not only non greasy and fast absorbing, it also has restoring, conditioning and age-defying properties:  Vitamin E (3 times the amount of olive oil) ; antioxidents (the essential property in super foods)  and essential fatty acids (a natural way to plump skin leading to decreased lines and wrinkles).  All three properties are not produced in our own bodies so we need an outside source to provide it.  Argan oil repairs, protects and prevents in all skins types as it helps your Ph balance.

I personally use it all over  from special treatments in my hair to my daily moisturiser on my face.  Here are a few ideas:


    1. Argan Oil is multi-tasking  – From HEAD to TOE
      1. Hair – Use as a moisturising treatment overnight, 30 min, and on ends and wash out.  Use to treat on split ends and also rub through hair to treat fly-aways.
      2. Face – As a day and night moisturiser it hydrates naturally, softens dry skin and reduces fine lines.  Use as an eye serum in the delicate eye area.  It also has been reported to sooth and heal existing acne blemishes as well as reducing scaring and help chapped lips.
      3. Décolletage – For the upper area of womans chest, use as a moisturising, age defying oil.
      4. All over body – Use it to alleviate dry skin and rough patches as well as on stretch marks and scaring to heal and reduce.  Use it in the bath for moisturising.  It can also gentle enough to be used in intimate areas.
      5. Hands- Use argan oil for dry hands and also for softening/conditioning cuticles.
      6. Feet – Use it to soften rough and calloused areas.  Put on feet, cover with socks and use as an overnight treatment.

Not only does, argan oil give your skin a fresh and dewy glow, but it also can help in pre/post birth to reduce stretch marks and help with soreness during breastfeeding.

Argan oil is truly a multi-purpose, beauty marvel.


* I use Douvall’s %100 natural organic argan oil made with the dry method so there is no odour.



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