Zucchini and cheese rolls


A perfect healthy snack for parties or staying in, these zucchini and cheese rolls are definitely something different and tasty! 

- 2-3 zucchinis (aka courgettes)
- Cheese – any favourite
- Lettuce (favourite)
-  Sun-dried tomatoes
- Olive oil, herbs de Provence , a pinch of salt
- Olives and cherry tomatoes – optional

Wash the zucchinis, dry and using a vegetable peeler slice into thin strips. Lightly season with salt.Add herbs de Provence to a few tablespoons of olive

zucchini and cheese rollsoil and mix.

 Stir the thin strips of zucchini in the olive oil with herbs and then grill for a few minutes on each side until they turn soft. Put aside to cool and then lay onto each piece some lettuce , a piece of dried tomato and a slice of cheese.

Roll up and pin together with a skewer.

All recipes and pictures are provided courtesy of Polish food blog ugotujmyto.pl 

zucchini and cheese rolls


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